Modern Construction Panel Boards

Flush or Surface mount with luxurious, modernized, clean and beautiful out look, suitable for modern construction building.

-Body made of high quality metal, power coated oven baked.
-Cover lid made of ABS plastic w/ trasfarent cover that comes w/ various color to give you the leeway to choose.
-Be used for Rail type circuit breaker, Bolt-On type circuit breakers and ground fault circuit interrupter.

Flush Mount

Surface Mount

Metal Enclosures

-Made of high quality metal,powder coated oven baked.
-Bolted deadfront.
-ABS Plastic panel lock (Corrosion Free)

MTS Bolt On

Economy Type

Luxury Type

Nema 1 Bolt On

Nema 1 Plug In

Nema 3R Bolt On

Nema 3R Plug In

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